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The Company has over 63 years of experience in meeting customers’ rubber product needs in a vast range of industries.  We manufacture, convert and distribute: moldings, sheeting, gaskets, seals and rubber matting…

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ETREP supplying the best quality products at very competitive prices. We strive to understand your business, provide outstanding service, and pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ demanding delivery requirements….

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We are excited to work with our customers and to problem solve, using our extensive knowledge. Our customers are at the heart of our organization so we Put customers first Dedicated to serve our customers satisfaction …

From our beginning


Stepping Up to Africa

Since 1955

Ethiopian tire and rubber economy plant P.L.C (ETREP P.L.C) currently a compression molded rubber products manufacture. Rubber products such as rubber mats, rubber soles, have been with the company starting from the early years of the 1955’s. Within the last ten years increasing work in technical rubber goods market has earned ETREP recognition in custom molded rubber products market special emphasis in rubber to metal bonded items such as Elastomric Bridge Bearing manufactured to satisfy ASTM P 4014 point to the future.

Our vision is to  growth from generation to generation and offer rubber technology products useful to Ethiopia and Africa!

Our mission is to be first choice for rubber technology products, and the development of Rubber Manufacturing from Rubber plantations to downstream advanced technological processes to work in harmony with the needs of all sectors of the Ethiopian Global Economy. We seek Technology Transfer and other forms of linkages with rubber sector of advanced and middle income countries to expand the spectrum of core competency.

  • Integrity
  • Corruption Free Work Space
  • Customers Satisfactions
  • Resilience
  • Trust
  • Responsible
  • Innovation

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Phone No: 0115 51 28 00/ 0113 38 13 69/ 011 551 64 31

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Fax: 0115 51 28 00/ 0013 38 13 68

P.O.BOX: 1807 

E-Mail: fuqioda@gmail.com & etrep100@gmail.com

Office Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, In front of Health Ministry