Rubber Roller & Wheel Covering

Industrial Rubber Rollers, manufacture and finishing

We cover all types of rubber rollers and wheels in any size and a wide range of rubber compounds including:

Natural Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Polyurethane , Viton® Fluorocarbon.

We supply abrasive resistant rubber for; agriculture, mining, construction, municipal and highway. Hard wearing natural rubbers for; band saw and traction engine wheels. Non-marking rubber for conveyor wheels. Food quality rubber for; confectionery, food, drink and pharmaceutical companies.

We can supply in a wide range of finishes including:

Smooth Ground, Helical Groove, Rough Ground, Diamond, Polished Finish, Lineal Groove, Crowned, Spiral Groove, Castellated, Cloth/Wrapped Finish, Chevron.

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