Manufacturer of Custom Rubber Mouldings
The Rubber Company offers custom rubber mouldings using both compression and injection moulding methods. We can produce specialist moulded parts to to customers drawings or from an existing sample. If for a new product, we can assist in the design and correct material selection depending on the parts application and working environment.

Our custom rubber moulding capabilities span from producing small parts weighing 0.1kgs up to new heavy duty rubber mat designs weighing 30kgs. Some custom moulded products we currently manufacture include rubber bushes, grommets, hydraulic rubber seal, rubber bonded to metal mounts. We offer high precision and cost effective rubber parts.

Our H Frame Rubber Feet are a quick, versatile and economical solution for supporting anything on your roof from pipe work, ductwork, cable trays and air conditioning equipment to plant rooms. They are manufactured from heavy duty recycled rubber and can be used over and over again.

These rubber feet are designed as a simple and easy “plug in and go” system. There are no fiddly inserts or sockets to fit the right (or wrong) way.

Rubber feet are available in both lighter and heavier weights, to suit whatever stability is required. They are available is both 350mm x 350mm or 500mm x 500mm when a greater load spread is required.

The feet are sold singularly without packaging, so you can buy exactly what you need for the job, minimising packing waste on site.

For sloped roofs, H Frame Rubber Feet can be moulded with an angled bottom as one component in either 2.5° or 5° angles.

A rubber O – ring or toroidal seal, is a very versatile sealing product and is produced in its millions to seal an aray of applications. Advantages of using an O-ring very compact and occupy a small amount of space, suit static and dynamic applications, seal efficiently in both directions, depending on material type can work between -65° and +325°C and when in used in PTFE work at -200°C.
We stock standard O-rings in Nitrile, Viton, PTFE, Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene and FEP encapsulated.
Stocked O-ring sizes include BS1806,BS4518,AS568B,AN6227,DIN3771 and many non standard , miniature and micro sizes.

Industrial Rubber Rollers, manufacture and finishing

We cover all types of rubber rollers and wheels in any size and a wide range of rubber compounds including:

Natural Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Polyurethane , Viton® Fluorocarbon.

We supply abrasive resistant rubber for; agriculture, mining, construction, municipal and highway. Hard wearing natural rubbers for; band saw and traction engine wheels. Non-marking rubber for conveyor wheels. Food quality rubber for; confectionery, food, drink and pharmaceutical companies.

We can supply in a wide range of finishes including:

Smooth Ground, Helical Groove, Rough Ground, Diamond, Polished Finish, Lineal Groove, Crowned, Spiral Groove, Castellated, Cloth/Wrapped Finish, Chevron.

We supply a wide range of Rubber and PVC Grommets Open, Blind and Semi Blind. Open grommets are used to protect cables or pipes passing through metal or GRP panels, various industrial and anti- vibration applications.
Blind Grommets are used for blacking holes in metal or GRP panels. Measuring for the right sized Grommet
State 1. Panel Hole 2. Panel Thickness 3. Cable Hole 4. Overall Thickness 5. Overall Diameter.

Bespoke Rubber Dust Cover Mouldings
We can produce Rubber Dust Covers with high temperature, ozone, oil, and grease resistance for use in a range of extreme conditions.

Rubber dust covers can be manufactured in a range of materials including:

Where are rubber dust covers used?
Applications include control cables, suspension joints, exhaust systems, tie rod ends and vehicle brake systems.

Moulded rubber bellows / gaiters are available in either straight or tapered designs or can be custom made to your own specifications. They are used as protective covers for rod-ends, ball joints or any application requiring protection from dirt or oil penetration and where vibration, movement or misalignment are present.

We also supply moulded rubber bellows / expansion joints for pressurised systems with working pressures up to 16 bar in a wide range of bore sizes and overall lengths. They are supplied with mild or stainless steel flanges. In a range of rubber compounds suitable for water & drinking water, heating & hot water, waste water, petroleum products, low temperature, chemicals, acids, alkalies, aromatics & bio-diesel and food applications.

These products are used in a wide range of markets including: HVAC, Refining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Offshore and Chemical.